Sulwhasoo believes a culture is fostered within the coexistence of tradition and modernity.

This September 2017, ‘Sulwha Cultural Exhibition’, the root of Sulwhasoo’s cultural mécénat activity conducted over the past 10 years, expands its scope to a global CSR campaign BEAUTY FROM YOUR CULTURE.

About CSR Campaign


BEAUTY FROM YOUR CULTURE is a global campaign of Sulwhasoo, the brand that pursues "culture" as its core value. Now, Sulwhasoo is to expand this value to the rest of the world, to make a better world by promoting the value of inheriting traditional cultures.

Sulwha Cultural Exhibition creates an encounter between tradition and modernity, allowing younger generations to connect with tradition that otherwise feels too distant to them, and facilitates communication between different generations over the past 10 years. In 2017, Sulwhasoo makes a new leap forward with the global CSR Campaign to spread the value of inheritance of traditional culture to the world.

BEAUTY FROM YOUR CULTURE campaign launches in 4 countries - Korea, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

A portion of proceeds from Sulwhasoo CSR campaign BEAUTY FROM YOUR CULTURE will be donated to cultural heritages.

Local Charity Campaign


Sulwhasoo promotes the beautiful value of traditional cultures around the world in support of heritage preservation.

With the belief that culture gains its value through harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity, Sulwhasoo’s Beauty From Your Culture campaign is designed to preserve cultural heritages through upholding the value and importance of traditional culture. It aims to draw generations closer through their love for beauty.

Through Sulwhasoo’s ‘Beauty From Your Culture’ Limited Editions - curated especially for this global CSR outreach, a portion of the proceeds from Limited Editions sold will go to our local UNESCO World Heritage Site - Kinabalu Park, Sabah.

Every purchase of ‘Beauty From Your Culture’ Essential Trial Kit (priced at RM149) will contribute RM20 to aid in preserving Kinabalu park. While purchases of ‘Beauty From Your Culture’ First Care Activating Serum EX (priced at RM295) will contribute RM40 to the aid in preserving Kinabalu park.

Limited Edition


Do your part in conserving Mother Nature’s gift to us & achieve great skin by purchasing BEAUTY FROM YOUR CULTURE Limited Edition Essential Trial Kit & Limited Edition First Care Activating Serum EX.

Essential Trial Kit - RM149
(RM20 per kit will be donated)

Set IncludesFirst Care Activating Serum EX Limited Edition 30ml,
Essential Balancing water EX 30ml, Essential Balancing Emulsion EX 30ml,
Gentle Cleansing Oil EX 15ml, Gentle Cleansing Form EX 15ml,
Essential Firming Cream EX 5ml+ Pouch

First Care Activating Serum EX - RM295
(RM40 per kit will be donated)

Set IncludesFirst Care Activating Serum EX Limited Edition 60ml,
Essential Balancing water EX 15ml, Essential Balancing Emulsion EX 15ml,
Essential Firming Cream EX 5ml, Radiance Energy Mask 15ml + Pouch

*Exclusively available at Sunway Pyramid Boutique

Design Story

The Package is designed by typographers
Jin Dallae & Park Woohyuk, a famous designer group.

With an inspiration under the theme of
2017 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition ‘A Fairy and A Woodcutter’,
a unique and modern graphic design was created.

Available at:
Sunway Pyramid Boutique, Parkson Pavilion, Parkson 1 Utama, Parkson KLCC, Parkson Sunway Velocity, Isetan The Gardens, AEON Mid Valley, Parkson Gurney Plaza Penang, Parkson The Spring Kuching, Parkson Imago Kota Kinabalu, AEON Tebrau City Johor.

Beauties & Culture

Defining Our Culture

True beauty blossoms when people, nature and culture live in harmony. Let's take a moment to appreciate the beautiful and valuable culture we have as we hear from Lynn Lim, Eleena Sui & Shaine Wong on how they value culture.

Eleena Sui
TV host & actress

"Culture provides us with a sense of unity; we can see the beauty of culture in everything and everywhere we go."

Eleena wears many hats as a TV host, producer, model and actress. Her most memorable stint is starring in a local TV drama, ‘Suri Hati Mr Pilot’, which holds 8.5 million rating – one of the highest recorded in Malaysia so far. The 25-year-old is of Malay and Chinese parentage.

Lynn Lim
Actress & model

"Culture is very important because it enriches one's identity. It defines who we are and where we come from."

Lynn is an actress and model. She has made appearances in many local TV productions as well as fashion campaigns. The lanky Penangite recently added another feather to her resume as a TV host of ‘Chic!’ on ntv7, where she was made to conquer her fears of heights, lizards and ghosts.

Shaine Wong

"Culture is a celebration of our experience and something that we can pass on from one generation to the next."

Shaine is one of Malaysia’s top parenting blogger. She graduated with a degree in early childhood education and worked in a Montessori for a few years before deciding to become a full-time mother. Shaine is the proud mummy of Jacob and Sophie.

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